Syskonnect SK-9843-SX SK-NET GE-SX
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Syskonnect SK-9843-SX (SK9843SX) SK-NET GE-SX
Syskonnect SK-9843-SX (SK9843SX) SK-NET GE-SX
Item# SK-9843-SX
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Product Description

  • Refurbished / 1-Year Warranty
  • The Syskonnect SK-9843-SX (SK9843SX) SK-NET Gigabit Ethernet adapter allows attachment of servers and workstation computers with a high-speed Gigabit Ethernet network
  • The SK-9843-SX is a single SC type ported adapter, connecting at 850nm wavelength
  • Universal PCI Adapter 3.3/5V 64-Bit
  • Gigabit 1000Base GE-SX Adapter P/N SK9843SX
  • Support for Intel x86, 2003 Server, XP, 2000, NT4, 98SE, Me, Solaris, Linux, NetWare, DOS, HP-UX, IBM AIX, UnixWare, FreeBSD, MAC OS, OS/2
  • 1Mb SDRAM (synchronous), 512kByte VPD, 128kByte Flash EProm (Expansion Boot Rom)
  • Please call us if you need information about Ver 1 and Ver 2 cards - we have both available
  • Associated Part Numbers: SK-9843-SX, SK9843SX
  • Unless new product, every SK-9843-SX is bench-tested with 8 seperate diagnostic tests, repeated 3 times over a two-hour period. - You can purchase the SK-9843-SX with the confidence that you will recieve a card in perfect working order!
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