Equinox PM16RJ Port Module (Avocent)
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Equinox PM16RJ Port Module (Avocent) - NEW!
Equinox PM16RJ Port Module (Avocent) - NEW!
Item# PM16RJ
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Product Description

  • New Factory Kit / 1-Year Warranty
  • The Equinox (Avocent) PM16RJ is a 16-Port RJ45 Port Module, RS-232, 115.2 Kbps
  • The PM16RJ Port Module is a distribution panel used to physically increase the number of available serial ports
  • The PM16RJ kit includes wall mount kit and coupling kit to attach two or more units together
  • The PM16RJ functions as either a passive or active device, depending on the number of units daisy-chained and cabling attachment lengths
  • Ports: 16x RJ45, 2x 26-pin, 1x power port (power supply not included)
  • Can be used to make serial connections to devices such as printers, terminals, PC's, and modems
  • Supports standard RS-232 DTE signals on all RJ45 jacks
  • Supports either flat or twisted pair cables, but twisted pair will greatly increase operating distance
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