NCD MCX X-Terminal Base
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NCD MCX X-Terminal Base
NCD MCX X-Terminal Base
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Product Description

  • Condition: Quality/Used - 90-Day Warranty
  • The NCD MCX is an X-Terminal base unit shipped without keyboard & mouse
  • The NCD MCX processor is a 88100 @ 20MHz
  • Standard 15-pin video
  • 12Mb memory
  • 110-230V, 50/60Hz
  • The MCX comes standard with a Twisted-Pair NIM Network interface board (RJ45, AUI). If you require 10Base2 BNC network connection, please also order: Thinnet NIM Board
  • Need a base unit only without keyboard or mouse? MCX Base Only
  • Please contact our sales department for additional information or custom configurations
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