Symbol LS4008I (LS4008I-I390) Barcode Scanner Kit
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Symbol LS4008I (LS4008I-I390) Barcode Scanner Kit - (LS4008I)
Symbol LS4008I (LS4008I-I390) Barcode Scanner Kit - (LS4008I)
Item# LS4008I-I390
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  • Refurbished / 1-Year Warranty / Complete Kit
  • The Symbol LS4008I (LS4008I-I390) is a hand held scanner gun
  • The LS4008I-I390 kit includes p/n 20-16561-07 adjustable scanner stand, and p/n 25-32930-20 serial cable RS232 (DB9) w/ EAS
  • The LS4008I kit ships with 120V, 60Hz external power supply
  • The LS4008I produces a strong enough scan light that the scan line is visible even in bright light
  • UPC barcode labels are readable out to 19"
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