Controlware IDB-64/2 Failover Device
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Controlware IDB-64/2 Failover Device IDB642
Controlware IDB-64/2 Failover Device IDB642
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Product Description

  • Refurbished / 1-Year Warranty
  • The Controlware IDB-64/2 (IDB642) is a failover device that supports up to two leased lines over a BRI circuit
  • The IDB-64/2 functions by monitoring 1 or 2 dedicated digital circuits
  • The IDB-64/2 protects mission-critical data with unsurpassed reliability. In the event of digital circuit failure, the IDB-64/2 automatically initiates an alternate data path via ISDN and switches the user data
  • The controlware IDB-64/2 is constantly monitoring the leased line, thus ensuring that recovery from backup is also automatic
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