NCD Explora 454 Network Computer, Keyboard, & Mouse
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NCD Explora 454 (Explora454) Network Computer, K/B, Mouse
NCD Explora 454 (Explora454) Network Computer, K/B, Mouse
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Product Description

  • Condition: Quality/Used - 90-Day Warranty
  • The NCD Explora 454 (Explora454) is an X-Terminal base unit with keyboard & mouse
  • Part of the Explora 450 series of network computers, the Explora 454 is known as the monitor support (or pizza box) version of Explora 450's
  • The Explora 454 processor is a PPC 403GCX @ 66Mhz
  • 2Mb Video memory - supports up to 1280x1024 resolution
  • 8Mb memory, expandable to 128Mb
  • Ships with standard Windows keyboard
  • Network support: 10/100 (RJ45) & 10Base2 BNC
  • Local Boot Options 4Mb Flash Card , 12Mb Flash Card
  • Please contact our sales department for additional information or custom configurations
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