Dialogic D/480SC-2T1 - T1/E1 ISDN PRI ISA 48-Channel
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Dialogic D/480SC-2T1 (D480SC-2T1) - T1 ISDN PRI ISA 48-CH
Dialogic D/480SC-2T1 (D480SC-2T1) - T1 ISDN PRI ISA 48-CH
Item# D-480SC-2T1
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Product Description

  • Refurbished / 1-Year Warranty
  • The Dialogic D/480SC-2T1 (D480SC-2T1) is a T1 ISDN PRI ISA 48-channel voice adapter
  • 16-Bit ISA interface
  • The D/480SC-2T1 supports 48 channels with a dual T1 interface (1.544Mb/s)
  • Supported in 5.1.1 and earlier drivers only
  • The D/480SC-2T1 adapter incorporates onboard DSP's handling all telephony signaling and DTMF, MF, and audio/voice tasks
  • 2x RJ48C connectors
  • Associated Part Numbers: D/480SC-2T1, D/480SC2T1, D-480SC2T1, D480SC2T1
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