IBM CT816 Computer Telephony System
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IBM CT816 Computer Telephony System
IBM CT816 Computer Telephony System
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Product Description

  • New Factory Boxed / 1-Year Warranty
  • The IBM CT816 is a PBX in a box
  • Internal PCI card
  • Server Software for NT
  • Client Software for 95, 98, NT (2K and XP tested, but not approved)
  • The IBM CT816 kit includes manuals, cable, call manager brochures, phone card references, and IPLA booklet
  • 8 Analog Trunk Lines / 16 Stations
  • Scalable To 48 Trunks and 144 Extensions by Daisy-Chaining

    Call Processing

    Call Hold with Background Audio (if desired)
    Call Transfer
    Call Conferencing
    Call Waiting
    Call Forwarding
    Call Pick-up
    Call Group Assignments
    Call Group Hunting
    Call Queuing

    Auto Attendant

    Customizable Greeting Messages
    Direct Dial to Extensions and Departmental Call Centers
    Dial-By-Name Director

    Fault Tolerance

    If the host operating system crashes, PBX basic features will continue to operate as long as power to the PC is maintained

    The system provides a graphical interface for administrative functions, including line configuration, database maintenance, and translation table editing. Individual phone users can perform calling operations through the telephone handset, or use the call manager software to manage calls through their pc. Also provides a complete set of voice mail functions, including integrated messaging to allow e-mail and pager notification. Each kit contains card, cable, software, complete set of manuals, and brochures for each phone set on the system. We recommend installation of the CT816 into a dedicated server with minimum configuration: P3-500Mhz, 256Mb Ram, 20Gb hard drive, 5V PCI slot. Although it has been discontinued, IBM originally sold the CT816 for US $ 8,500 & up. We are offering these for $385.00 per system
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