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Larscom A87-0950A-170A (A870950A170A) Split-T Multiplexer
Larscom A87-0950A-170A (A870950A170A) Split-T Multiplexer
Item# A87-0950A-170A
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Product Description

  • Refurbished / 1-Year Warranty
  • The Larscom A87-0950A-170A (A870950A170A) is a Split-T FT1 Access Multiplexer
  • The A87-0950A-170A ships with NIM-201 - A3 network interface module providing an A3J2 line ported DB15M
  • A87-0950A-170A Ports: J1: DTE Port 1 DB25F; J2: DTE Port 2 DB25F; J3: Ext Clock BNCF; J4: Supv Port DB9M
  • Associated P/N's - A870950A170A, A870950A-170A, A87-0950A170A, A87-0950A-170A
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