ATI A7226-69001 128Mb Fire GL4 Video Adapter
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ATI A7226-69001 (A722669001) 128Mb Fire GL4 Video Adapter
ATI A7226-69001 (A722669001) 128Mb Fire GL4 Video Adapter
Item# A7226-69001
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Product Description

  • Refurbished / 1-Year Warranty
  • The ATI (OEM Version) A7226-69001 (A722669001) is an ATI Fire GL4 3-D Video Adapter AGP/Pro 50
  • Dual DVI Ports
  • Double Slot, AGP/Pro 50 card
  • The ATI A7226-69001 - ATI Fire GL4 3-D Graphics Accelerator is a high performance 3-D graphics accelerator designed for mid- to high-end Workstations running Intel® Pentium® III or IV class processors
  • P/N A7226-69001 features a 128-MB frame buffer with 256-bit wide double data rate (DDR) SDRAM memory
  • All the functionality of a VGA controller, 3-D/2-D raster engine with pipeline setup processor, and a 300-MHz RAMDAC, all in a single package
  • The unique combination of high performance and complete feature set like Full Scene Antialiasing (FSAA), dual head output, and quad buffer stereo interface make the Fire GL4 an ideal choice for the professional mid- to high-end workstation user running OpenGL
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