IBM 8034-100 Network Concentrator

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IBM 8034-100 (8034100) HFC Receiver Shelf
IBM 8034-100 (8034100) HFC Receiver Shelf
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Product Description

  • Quality Used Part / 90-Day Warranty
  • The 8034 Model 100 (8034-100) is a 19-inch rack mountable chassis that can be flexibly configured with upstream Receiver Modules and Interface Modules. These components, while logically associated with the 8260 HFC Module, are physically located in the 8034 to provide flexibility in association of upstream receivers to HFC ports, and optimal utilization of the 8260.
  • The 8034-100 (8034100) is a 10-slot chassis
  • One or two power supplies
  • Passive serial bus backplane
  • 100-240V - 50/60Hz
  • 10 slots for upstream Receiver Modules or Interface Modules
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