IBM 7852-032 Comcentral Voice/Fax/Modem Kits
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IBM 7852-032 (7852032) Comcentral Voice/Fax/Modem - New!
IBM 7852-032 (7852032) Comcentral Voice/Fax/Modem - New!
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Product Description

  • New/Surplus - Retail Kits / 90-Day Warranty
  • The IBM 7852-032 (7852032) is a 2-Line phone answering machine and more
  • The 7852-032 manages faxes electronically from your PC
  • The 7852-032 receives, stores & forwards fax & voice messages
  • The 7852-032 stores 50 pages of fax or 20 minutes of voice messages
  • The 7852-032 notifies you by phone or pager when new faxes/voice messages have been received
  • The user can set minimum notification intervals to avoid being called/paged too frequently
  • Can transfer calls automatically to another number
  • Messages are saved in solid-state memory. Even during long power outages, no batteries are needed to retain message or fax memory
  • Note: The 7852-032 is not a multitasking device. If one line is busy, cannot receive another fax or phone message until the first call is completed
  • This unit ships with drivers for DOS, Win 3.1, Win95 and OS/2. We have also tested compatibility for Win98, 2K and XP
  • The 7852-032 is a complete kit with books, software applications, and cables
  • Power: 120V only
  • Y2K Software Update Patch - Self Extracting File
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