IBM 7845-001 ISDN Network Terminator
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IBM 7845-001 (7845001) ISDN Network Terminator - New!
IBM 7845-001 (7845001) ISDN Network Terminator - New!
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  • The IBM 7845-001 (7845001) allows either a PC or Workstation equipped for basic-rate ISDN and your standard analog telephones to share a single 2B+D service
  • Associated P/N's - 7845, 7845-1, 7845-01
  • The 7845-001 ISDN Network Terminator Extended is a programmable device that allows a Personal Computer or Workstation, equipped for basic-rate ISDN, and standard analog telephones to share a single, digital phone line into the home or business.
  • The 7845-001 Network Terminator Extended provides the connection between the telephone company and the customer's terminal equipment. It also connects analog telephone equipment to the ISDN network over the same basic rate ISDN service. This allows customers to replace the existing analog telephone service with one of the ISDN B channels while continuing to use their existing phone equipment. A rechargeable battery provides backup power to the analog phone service if a temporary power outage occurs in the home or office.
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