IBM 7318-S20 Communications Network Server
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IBM 7318-S20 (7318S20) Communication Network Server New!
IBM 7318-S20 (7318S20) Communication Network Server New!
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Product Description

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  • The IBM 7318-S20 (7318S20) is a network server that supports SNMP network management and Kerberos V.5 network security encryption applications. In addition, the 7318 Model S20 provides network access for remote PCs and/or workstations using Proxy ARP and SLIP, CSLIP, or PPP
  • The 7318-S20 (7318S20) also supports the functions of the IBM 7318 Model P10
  • Output data rates up to 115.2 Kbps
  • The 7318-S20 supports serial cabling distances up to 2,300 feet (cables not included)
  • The IBM 7318 Model S20 provides async and parallel port attachment to the RS/6000, other IBM and non-IBM systems using standard Ethernet wiring, TCP/IP protocols, and 3270 terminal emulation.
  • Alternate P/N's - 7318, 7318S20
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