IBM 72H2625 - 12 Port Fast Hub
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IBM 72H2625 - 12 Port Fast Hub - New!
IBM 72H2625 - 12 Port Fast Hub - New!
Item# 72H2625
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Product Description

  • New Factory Boxed / 1-Year Warranty
  • The IBM 72H2625 is a 12-Port - RJ45 - stackable hub
  • Manageable or Stand-Alone
  • The IBM 72H2625 is a stackable multi-port Fast Ethernet repeater that provides 12 100BASE-TX ports plus a very flexible expansion port
  • The 72H2625 is a manageable unit that can be managed by a Model 8225-002 or 003. Without management software, the 72H2625 is still easy to install and manage
  • Through the comprehensive front panel display, network administrators can monitor network activity without sophisticated network management software. Every hub unit supports various bar graphs to show network statistics, such as utilization rate and collision rate, in real time
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