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IBM 701X-2969 Gigabit SX Ethernet Adapter PCI
IBM 701X-2969 Gigabit SX Ethernet Adapter PCI
Item# 701X-2969
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Product Description

  • Refurbished / 1-Year Warranty
  • The IBM 701X-2969 is a Gigabit SX adapter
  • Universal PCI 3.3/5V 64 Bit Adapter
  • SC fiber optic port
  • The IBM 701X-2969 is marketed by IBM as feature code 2969 (FC2969) for RS6000 Models 7013-S70, 7013-S7A, 7015-S70, 7015-S7A, 7017-S70, 7017-S7A, 7017-S80, 7017-S85, 7025-6F0, 7025-6F1, 7025-F50, 7025-F80, 7025-H70, 7026-6H0, 7026-6H1, 7026-6M1, 7026-B80, 7026-H50, 7026-H70, 7026-H80, 7026-M80, 7028-6C1, 7028-6C4, 7028-6E1, 7028-6E4, 7040
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