IBM 6094-010 Dials Input Device
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IBM 6094-010 Dials Input Device
IBM 6094-010 Dials Input Device
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Product Description

  • Quality Used Part / 90-Day Warranty
  • The 6094 Dials Model 010 (6094-010) is an image-manipulation device that allows the user to manually input scalar values in order to affect the visual image displayed on the monitor
  • The 6094-010 is a separate desktop unit consisting of eight potentiometer (commonly used for Pan, Zoom, and Rotation of 2D and 3D figures)
  • Dials may be programmed to provide specific function via the application
  • Increases the graphics capabilities of the IBM 6090 Graphics System, RS/6000, and can be attached to the IBM PC (except AT/370 and XT/370) and PS/2 family of computers
  • Note - does not ship with any manuls or software
  • Includes attachment cable 6247480
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