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IBM 5865-002 External Modem
IBM 5865-002 External Modem
Item# 5865-002
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Product Description

  • Refurbished / 90-Day Warranty
  • The IBM 5865-002 (5865002) is a 9600 bps external modem
  • 110V only
  • The IBM 5865 Model 002 allows synchronous data transmission in half-duplex or duplex mode over 4-wire nonswitched duplex facilities. Operates in point-to-point, multipoint control, or multipoint tributary mode. Supports enhanced Link Problem Determination Aids (LPDA-2). Allows Switched Network Back-Up when an SNBU feature is installed.
  • Alternate P/N's - 5865-2, 5865-02, 5865002
  • Ports: 1x DB25, 1x DB9
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