IBM 56X3661 Coupler Assy w/SNBU/CS/CO
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IBM 56X3661 Coupler Assy w/SNBU/CS/CO - New!
IBM 56X3661 Coupler Assy w/SNBU/CS/CO - New!
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Product Description

  • New Factory Boxed / 1-Year Warranty
  • The IBM 56X3661 is a SNBU Coupler for IBM Modems 7861, 5865, & 5866
  • P/N 56X3661 = IBM Feature Code 7952 (FC7952) - 2 Wire SNBU Coupler
  • The 56X3661 Kit Includes Coupler, 65X8037 SNBU Cable, 56X3715 CS/CO Cable, GA33-0058-1 Document
  • The 2-wire SNBU coupler requires only one telephone call. It provides transmission at 4800/2400 bps (CCITT V.27ter), regardless of the modem prime speed, in Half Duplex mode (the DTE must drop the RTS interface circuit while not transmitting). Data Multiplex requiring duplex operation, the 2-wire SNBU coupler cannot be used. LPDA-1 and the LPDA-2 tests 'Line Analysis' and 'Transmit/Receive' tests are not supported with the 2-wire coupler
  • The 2-wire SNBU coupler (#7952) includes the ability to sense the status of a contact and to operate a relay contact in the customer installation. The function on the remote site modem may be operated from the central site modem Keypad/Display or from the host System. Each Sense/Operate operation from the host System must be solicited via the NetView operator console. This requires that the link be defined as LPDA-2
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