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IBM 51H4747 4-Port Ethernet/Token Ring Bridge Module New!
IBM 51H4747 4-Port Ethernet/Token Ring Bridge Module New!
Item# 51H4747
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Product Description

  • New Factory Boxed / 1-Year Warranty
  • P/N 51H4747 is Feature Code 5204 (FC5204) for the IBM 8260 Multiprotocol Switching Hub
  • Also known as the 8281 Lan Bridge
  • 51H474 is also marketed under IBM P/N 10J2363 & 10J2153 (If you require p/n 10J2363 or 10J2153 - check with your CE before ordering this card to avoid any device conflicts)
  • Ports: 4x RJ45, 2x DB15 (AUI), 1x DB25 (RS232)
  • Ability to perform local LAN bridging
  • Implementation of LAN Emulation, allowing communication between LAN stations and ATM stations, as well as communication between LAN stations throughout the ATM network
  • Support of Source Routing protocol (SR) for T/R and Transparent bridging for Ethernet
  • EC Level E28159. Software included: 51H4419 - Configuration Utility Rel 1.8, & 51H4420 - Operational Software & MIB Rel 1.14
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