IBM 51H3885 ATM 4 Port 100 Mbs
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IBM 51H3885 ATM 4 Port 100 Mbs - New!
IBM 51H3885 ATM 4 Port 100 Mbs - New!
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Product Description

  • New Factory Boxed / 1-Year Warranty
  • P/N 51H3885 is Feature 5104 (FC5104) for IBM 8260 Multiprotocol Switching Hub
  • The 51H3885 module has four 100Mbps multimode fiber ports with SC connectors matching the ATM Forum's recommended "FDDI-Taxi" interface of the UNI 3.0 specification with support of both PVC and SVC modes. These ports can be used for campus backbone communications between different HUBs, as parallel links for increased traffic bandwidth, or to attach high capacity servers in native ATM mode, or to combine all these modes of operation
  • Includes manuals
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