IBM 4683-001 - Model 3380 Printer
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IBM 4683-001 - Model 3380 Replacement Printer
IBM 4683-001 - Model 3380 Replacement Printer
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Product Description

  • Factory Refurbished / 90-Day Warranty
  • These 4683-001 printers should be an excellent replacement printer for your installed base of printers
  • The 4683-001 does not include printhead or ribbon
  • The IBM 4683-001 Feature Code 3380 (FC3380) Printer provides a wire matrix, bidirectional printer that prints up to a 38-character print line at two print stations. One station provides customer receipt and/or document insert printing. Only one type of document can be printed at any one time. Printing is under application program control. The journal is the second station. It includes a paper motion sensor to detect an "out-of-paper" condition or a paper jam that prevents feeding. The journal cover includes a lock (see "Specify" section for lock insert ordering instructions). The customer receipt and journal stations will accept 81mm (3.2 inch) diameter maximum roll paper, 69.85mm (2.75 inches) wide. In addition to standard character sets, an all-points addressable capability allows program-controlled special graphics and logo printing in the customer receipt or document insert station. The matrix print head is customer replaceable and not included with this printer. The printer uses a replaceable cartridge ribbon. The printer can be used in an integrated or distributed configuration depending on the attachment cable selected.
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