IBM 43G3971 Multiprotocol Hub
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IBM 43G3971 Multiprotocol Hub - New!
IBM 43G3971 Multiprotocol Hub - New!
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Product Description

  • New Factory Boxed / 1-Year Warranty
  • The 43G3971 is part of a is a family of intelligent hub products with modular hardware composed of a rack-mountable chassis plus a set of feature modules. The hubs provide the functions of LAN concentration for Ethernet, Token-Ring, and fiber-distributed data interface (FDDI); LAN and media management; hub management; bridging interconnection for Ethernet and Token-Ring LANs; and an SNMP agent that includes enterprise-specific extensions
  • The 43G3971 is a 6-slot hub chassis with a hidden controller
  • Ethernet / Token Ring / FDDI Modules are Ordered Seperately
  • This 43G3971 kit includes books & software
  • 100-120/220-240V, 4/2Amp, 50/60Hz
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