IBM 42H4173 100ATM Adapter
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IBM 42H4173 100ATM Adapter - New!
IBM 42H4173 100ATM Adapter - New!
Item# 42H4173
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  • New Factory Sealed / 1-Year Warranty
  • The IBM 42H4173 is a 64-Bit MCA (Microchannel) adapter
  • The 42H4173 is Feature Code 2984 (FC2984) for IBM Series 701X RS6000
  • The TURBOWAYS 100 ATM Adapter provides high speed connectivity for RS/6000s to an Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Local Area Network (LAN). The TURBOWAYS 100 ATM Adapter supports high bandwidth applications, such as: Remote Site Recovery, Multimedia, Visualization, Medical Imaging, Distance Learning, Video Conferencing
  • The IBM 42H4173 Adapter is a motherboard/daughterboard combination - be sure you have adequate expansion slot space in your server
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