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IBM 41X5814 System Board VIA 10/100 Ethernet
IBM 41X5814 System Board VIA 10/100 Ethernet
Item# 41X5814
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Product Description

  • Refurbished / 1-Year Warranty
  • The IBM 41X5814 is a VIA 10/100 Ethernet motherboard
  • The 41X5814 is compatible with the 3000 J105 System (type 8258), models 8258-HGG, 8258-J9U, 8258-J9F, 8258-HHU, 8258-HHF, 8258-GBM, 8258-JAM, 8258-JCA, 8258-JCT, 8258-JDV, 8258-JFG, 8258-HKQ, 8258-HMG, 8258-HNM, 8258-HNA, 8258-HNT, 8258-HQM, 8258-HRV, 8258-HTM, 8258-HUA, 8258-HUT, 8258-HWQ, 8258-B8Y, 8258-B1A, 8258-B1T, 8258-B2A, 8258-B2Q, 8258-B2T, 8258-B3U, 8258-B3F, 8258-B3S, 8258-B4U, 8258-B4F, 8258-HHY, 8258-HYQ, 8258-HZS, 8258-HZY
  • The 41X5814 is configured with the VIA K8M800-M3 chipset
  • USB 2.0, AGP 8X & 10/100 Ethernet support
  • The 41X5814 supports two DDR1 PC-3200 slots
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