IBM 35H5523 Barcode Scanner w/Stand
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IBM 35H5523 Barcode Scanner w/Stand
IBM 35H5523 Barcode Scanner w/Stand
Item# 35H5523
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Product Description

  • Quality Used Part / 30-Day Warranty
  • These 35H5523 scanners were purchased from a large OEM manufacturer as a liquidation purchase and represented to be in good working order. We are unable to test due to lack of proper attachment devices and software, but the units appear to be in excellent condition, and we guarantee their functionality for 30-days after purchase with a full money-back warranty, including shipping costs if shipped within the Continental United States
  • Packed in white factory boxes & marked with part number 53101P10B4
  • Please feel free to contact us for discounts if you would like to make a volume purchase of 35H5523 scanners
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