IBM 340-0385-16A C3 33.6K Workpad Modem
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IBM 340-0385-16A (340038516A) C3 33.6K Workpad Modem
IBM 340-0385-16A (340038516A) C3 33.6K Workpad Modem
Item# 340-0385-16A
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Product Description

  • New Retail Kit / 1-Year Warranty
  • The IBM 340-0385-16A (340038516A) 33.6K Modem kit includes modem, handbook, 2x AAA Batteries, and standard phone cord
  • 33.6 Kbps data transfer rate
  • V.42 Bis data compression
  • V.42 LAPM error correction
  • 10 pulses per second dialing speed
  • Ringer Equivalence - 0.5B
  • 5-6 hours connection time on 2 AAA batteries / lasts up to 10 weeks depending on your usuage pattern
  • The 340-0385-16A modem is compatible with WorkPad Models 8602-40U & 8602-40C
  • Associated P/N's: 340-0385-16A, 3400385-16A, 340-038516A, 340038516A
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