Eicon (Dialogic) 306-209 Diva Server PRI/E1-30 - Version 3.0

Eicon (Dialogic) 306-209 Diva Server PRI/E1-30 - Ver 3.0
Eicon (Dialogic) 306-209 Diva Server PRI/E1-30 - Ver 3.0
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  • The Eicon 306-209 is an Active ISDN adapter for Primary Rate Interface (PRI)
  • Plug and Play Interface
  • Bus Type: PCI 2.2
  • RJ45 Connector
  • 64-bit RISC CPU, 300 MHz, 420 MIPS
  • 31x DSP, 33Mhz, 60 MIPS DSeach
  • 32Mb onboard SDRAM
  • The 306-209 is Scaleable to 8 adapters per system, with I/O Addresses & Interrupt placed by the system
  • Power Down Management
  • Supported operating systems: Windows Server 2003, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux
  • D-Channel Protocols: ETSI-DSS1 (Euro-ISDN), NI-1 (North America National ISDN 1) , 5ESS (North America), 4ESS (North America), 1TR6 (Germany), INS Net 64 (Japan), INS-1500 (Japan), VN3 (France), NET3 (Belgium), DMS100 (N America), T1 (Robbed Bit Signaling), Australia on-ramp, Q-Sig, E1-R2 (China & India), Channelized E1, External Signaling (Transparent D-channel), Direct Access Mode (no signaling), Network Termination (NT Mode)
  • B-Channel Protocols: HDLC, X.75 (LAPB), LAPD, Transparent, X.25, T.30, T.90NL, T.70NL, Up to V.90, V.42, V.42bis, V.110, V.120, V.18, PIAFS
  • Diagnostic Tools: DITRACE, DILOG
  • DTMF transmission, detection and generation
  • Supplementary Services
    - Number identification services (CLIP, CLIR, COLP, COLR, KEY, MSN, DDI, SUB)
    - Call offering services (TP, CFU, CFB, CFNR)
    - Call completion services (CW, HOLD, ECT)
    - Charging Services (AoC)
  • VoIP Gateway support
    - Echo Cancellation (G.168) 128ms (32ms for VoIP)
    - Voice compression (GSM, G.726)
    - Real Time Protocol (RTP framing)
    - Dynamic Anti-Jitter Buffer
    - Comfort Noise Generation
    - Voice Activity Detection
  • Fax group 3 support
    - Up to 33,600 bps with each B-channel
    - Fax compression MH, MR, MMR
    - Error Correction Mode (ECM)
    - Fax polling/ Fax on demand
    - Fax tone detection
    - Standard, fine, super-fine & ultra-fine resolution
  • Support for fax class 1 & 2
  • Fax group 4 support
  • Remote Access (via HDLC, V.90, GSM, V.120, X.75) 1 2
    - GSM support (V.110) up to 38,400 bps
    - Communicates w/ analog modems (up to V.90) Up to 56,000 bps with each B-channel
    - GSM Support (V.110) up to 38,400 bps
    - Support for TAPI Based Applications
  • Associated Part Numbers: 306-209, 306209

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