Eicon 305-486 Diva Server 4BRI-8M 2.0
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Eicon (Dialogic) 305-486 (305486) Diva Server 4BRI-8M 2.0
Eicon (Dialogic) 305-486 (305486) Diva Server 4BRI-8M 2.0
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Product Description

  • Refurbished / 1-Year Warranty
  • The Eicon (Dialogic) 305-486 (305486) Universal PCI adapter supporting 4BRI ISDN interfaces
  • The 305-486 is an active ISDN Adapter for Basic Rate Interface (BRI)
  • 4 Basic Rate Interfaces
  • Bus Type: PCI rev. 2.2 (3.3/ 5V)
  • The 305-486 is PCI-X Compatible
  • Plug and Play Interface
  • RJ45 Connector
  • 100 MHz, 131MIPS CPU
  • 8 x 65MHz, 65MIPS DSP
  • 16 MB Onboard SDRAM
  • Supported OS: Windows Server 2003, XP, 2000, Linux
  • Application Interfaces: Windows 2003/ XP/ 2000: CAPI 2.0, TAPI, Diva Server SDK, WAN Miniport, COM Port Linux: TTY, CAPI 2.0
  • Scalalbe to 8 Adapters per System
  • I/O Addresses & Interrupt Placed by System
  • B Channel Protocols: HDLC, X.75 (LAPB), LAPD, Transparent, X.25, T.30, T.90NL, T.70NL, Up to V.90, V.42, V.42bis, V.110, V.120, V.18 (hard of hearing), PIAFS
  • D Channel Protocols: ETSI-DSS1 (Euro ISDN), NET 3 (Belgium), VN3 (France), 1TR6 (Germany), INS-64 (Japan), 5ESS Custom (North America - AT&T), National ISDN (NI1 - North America), Q-Sig
  • DTMF transmission, detection and generation, DTMF clamping, Number Identification services (CLIP, CLIR, COLP, COLR, KEY, MSN, DDI, SUB), Call offering services (TP, CFU, CFB, CFNR), Call completion services (CW, HOLD, ECT), Charging services (AoC), Three-party conference, Large Conference, VoIP Gateway support, Echo cancellation (G.168) 128ms (32ms for VoIP), Real Time Protocol (RTP framing), Dynamic Anti-Jitter Buffer, Comfort Noise Generation, Voice Activity Detection, Voice compression (GSM, G.726), Fax group 3 support, Up to 33.600 bps with each B-channel, Fax compression MH, MR, MMR, Error Correction Mode (ECM), Fax polling/ Fax on demand, Fax tone detection, Support for fax class 1 and 2, Fax group 4 support, Remote Access (via HDLC, V.90, GSM, V.120, X.75), Communicates with analog modems (up to V.90) Up to 56.000 bps with each B-channel, GSM support (V.110) up to 38.400 bps, Support for TAPI based applications
  • For Additional Information on Eicon 305-486, Please Contact sales@iercomputer.com