Eicon 305-211 Diva Server PRI-30M Ver 1.0 PCI

Eicon (Dialogic) 305-211 (305211) Diva Server PRI-30M Ver 1.0 PCI
Eicon (Dialogic) 305-211 (305211) Diva Server PRI-30M Ver 1.0 PCI
Item# 305-211

Product Description

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  • The Eicon (Dialogic) 305-211 (305211) is an active ISDN adapter for Primary Rate Interface (PRI)
  • Plug and Play Interface
  • Requires Eicon software version 6.3 or earlier
  • Eicon 305-211 is PCI Local Bus Specification 2.1 compliant
  • Primary Rate Interface (S2M), (30xB-channel + 1 D-channel)
  • IDT 76R4650 64-bit RISC, 133 MHz
  • 2x 33 MIPS DSP (communications processor) as base version
  • Factory-fitted modules with 7 DSPs each. This card comes in versions equipped with 1, 3 or 4 modules for fax and voice applications on 30 B-channels
  • 4 MB onboard DRAM
  • Plug and Play Interface
  • Layer 1 Interface: Meets ITU (CCITT) rec. I.431 Siemens Falc54 chip
  • Dimensions (mm) 312 x 105 Full size board fits into one slot (add-on modules inclusive)
  • I/O Addresses and Interrupt are placed by the system
  • Power Down Management
  • RJ45 Connector
  • Connection Types: Switched & Permanent
  • B-Channel Protocols: HDLC, X.75 (LAPB), LAPD, SDLC (SNA), Transparent, X.25 PLP, T.90NL, T.70NL, V.90, V.42, V.42bis, V.110, V.120
  • D-Channel Protocols: NI-1 (North America National ISDN1), 5ESS (North America AT&T), 4ESS (North America), DSS1 (Europe), 1TR6 (Germany), INS Net 64 (Japan), TPH 1962 (Australia), VN3 (France), CT1 (Belgium)
  • Application Interfaces: Windows NT: IDI, CAPI 2.0, WAN Miniport DOS: IDI, CAPI 1.1, CAPI 2.0
  • Features: Communicates with analog modems (V.90), Up to 56.000 bps with each B-channel, Fax group 3 - 14.400 bps with each B-channel, Communicates with ISDN mailboxes (V.120. X.75), Rate adaptation (56 kbps), V.14 asynchronous transmission, GSM support (V.110), 2400/9600 bps
  • Diagnostic Tools: DITRACE, DILOG
  • Power Consumption: 20W@5 V
  • System Requirements: PC compliant with PCI Local Bus spec 2.1, At least 4 Mbyte of memory (depends on OS)
  • Supported OS Platforms: Server 2003, 2K, XP, NT, Netware - Analog functionality is not supported, DOS, OS/2
  • Associated Part Numbers: 305-211, 305211