Eicon (Dialogic) 305-195-09 Diva Pro S/T ISDN (PCMCIA)
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Eicon (Dialogic) 305-195-09 (30519509) Diva Pro S/T ISDN
Eicon (Dialogic) 305-195-09 (30519509) Diva Pro S/T ISDN
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Product Description

  • New / 1-Year Warranty - IER Computer
  • The Eicon (Dialogic) 305-195-09 (30519509) is a Diva Pro PCMCIA PC card for notebooks
  • The 305-195-09 supports the S/T IDSN standard
  • PCMCIA (type II) interface
  • The Eicon 305-195-09 provides a high-speed 128kbps connection to ISDN networks
  • The 305-195-09 features DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology - all fax and modem processing is handled by the Diva Pro instead of the PC/notebook CPU
  • Plug & Play for Windows
  • D-Channel Protocols: EDSS-1 (Euro-ISDN), NI-1 (North America), 5ESS (North America), 1TR6 (Germany), INS Net 64 (Japan), VN4 (France), CTI (Belgium), TPH 1962 (Australia)
  • The Eicon 305-195-09 kit includes PCMCIA Diva Pro adapter, attachment cable, RJ45 extension cable, software suite, and user's guide
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