IBM 22P4457 Superserial Modem Pool
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IBM 22P4457 Superserial Modem Pool
IBM 22P4457 Superserial Modem Pool
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Product Description

  • New-Factory Boxed / 1-Year Warranty
  • The IBM 22P4457 Superserial Modem Pool is an unpopulated analog modem pool chassis
  • The 22P4457 kit includes a modem pool bezel kit, expansion bus cable, manuals & software
  • Stackable/Manageable
  • Allows up to 16 ISA modems
  • Rack mountable
  • Requires SST-64 or SST-128 for functionality
  • The IBM 22P4457 Analog Modem Pool is an affordable server-based alternative to expensive LAN-based modem pools. This high performance chassis supports up to 16 off-the-shelf internal ISA modems. You can mix and match most brands, types and speeds to fit your budget and add modems as you need them. The Analog Modem Pool supports a broad range of applications and operating systems and is widely used as the platform of choice for deployment of V.35 and client-side V.90 connectivity solutions.The Analog Modem Pool connects to an Expandable Host Controller Board and can be daisy-chained to support up to 128 modems from one slot in your server. The Analog Modem Pool allows you to deliver leading-edge solutions for RAS, Internet Access, and fax in/out connectivity. The Analog Modem Pool is easily deployed, scaleable, highly manageable, and tested for third-party software compatibility.
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