IBM 2058-001 Cryptographic Accelerator
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IBM 2058-001 (2058001) Cryptographic Accelerator - New!
IBM 2058-001 (2058001) Cryptographic Accelerator - New!
Item# 2058-001
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Product Description

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  • The IBM 2058-001 (2058001) is a cryptographic accelerator PCI adapter
  • 32-bit PCI 5.0V/3.3V universal adapter
  • The 2058-001 Cryptographic Accelerator provides greatly improved performance for high transaction rate secure web applications such as SSL or TLS sessions
  • The 2058-001 offloads SSL/TLS secure Web connections that require very computer intensive cryptographic processing freeing up the host processor respond to other Internet transactions, database transactions, customer requests, etc.
  • Supports these encryption & decryption functions: DES, T-DES, DES MAC, T-DES MAC, SHA-1, Parallel processing of the same input data using DES and SHA, DES to SHA, Modular Exponentiation (with and without CRT), Modular Multiplication
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