IBM 09P1092 (09P1093) FDDI Network PCI Adapter
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IBM 09P1092 (09P1093) FDDI Network PCI Adapter
IBM 09P1092 (09P1093) FDDI Network PCI Adapter
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Product Description

  • Refurbished / 1-Year Warranty
  • The IBM 09P1092 (09P1093) FDDI PCI adapter attaches computers to 100 Mbps Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) networks using fiber optic cable
  • The 09P1092 supports Universal 5.0/3.3 32-bit PCI Bus
  • Fiber Optic SC Port - Single Attach
  • AMD Supernet 3 LAN Controller
  • 128Kb CMOS Static Ram
  • 128Kb Flash EEPROM
  • I/O Addresses Automatic By PCI V2.1 Plug & Play Assigned To Slot
  • PCI Int A Interrupts
  • DMA Arbitration Level Automatic, Depending On PCI-Slot
  • Fully software configured without the use of switches or jumpers
  • Supports remote booting functionality
  • The IBM 09P1092 supports sychronous FDDI and is a single attach version adapter
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