IBM 09N1678 56K Modem PCI (Aptiva)
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IBM 09N1678 56K Modem PCI Aptiva - Refurbished
IBM 09N1678 56K Modem PCI Aptiva - Refurbished
Item# 09N1678
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  • Refurbished / 1-Year Warranty
  • The IBM 09N1678 is a 56K PCI modem compatible with many models of IBM Aptiva PCS's as well as other systems
  • The 09N1678 is a universal 3.3/5.0V 32-bit PCI adapter
  • Fully plug & play compatible for windows
  • 09N1678 BIOS: HFC 56K PCI Modem
  • Conexant Chipset
  • Aptiva model compatibiltity: 50F, 50U, 53U, 53F, 59U, 60F, 60U, 70K, 70P, 70S,70T, 80C, 80V, 80W, 83C, 83V, 83W, 85C, 85V, 85W, 91C, 91C, 91W, 95F, 95U, 96F, 96U, 97F, 97U, 98F, 98U, 99F, 99U, 81C, 81V, 81W
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