IBM 07L9758 512Mb Dimm - Genuine IBM Memory
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IBM 07L9758 512Mb Dimm 64Mx72 3.3V 10NS Genuine
IBM 07L9758 512Mb Dimm 64Mx72 3.3V 10NS Genuine
Item# 07L9758
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Product Description

  • Refurbished / 1-Year Warranty
  • The IBM 07L9758 is a 512Mb Dimm
  • The 07L9758 is a standard 200-pin dimm - 512Mb, 64M x 72, 3.3V, 10NS
  • The IBM 07L9758 is used in numerous RS6000 servers (7025/6F0, 7025/6F1, 7025/F80, 7026/6H0, 7026/6H1, 7026/6M1, 7026/H80, 7026/M80, 7044/170, and more) in various configurations
  • 07L9758 is Feature Code 4100 - FC4100 = 2x 07L9758 for 1Gb Memory
  • Feature Code 4421 - FC4421 = 8x 07L9758 for 4Gb Memory
  • Feature Code 4100 - FC4100 = 1x 07L9758 for 512Mb (Cannot be mixed with FC4131 in a quad or a pair if memory DIMMs are installed on a 1-way CPU card)
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