IBM 06H7128 Artic X.25 Base Adapter ISA
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IBM 06H7128 Artic X.25 Base Adapter ISA
IBM 06H7128 Artic X.25 Base Adapter ISA
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Product Description

  • New / 1-Year Warranty
  • The IBM 06H7128 X.25 Base Adapter is feature code 2961 (FC2961) for RS6000 Servers
  • P/N 06H7128 provides 512KB RAM for data buffering, and synchronous protocols (full duplex) can be supported
  • V.24 Interface up to 19.2 Kbps
  • V.35 interface up to 56/64 Kbps
  • The IBM 06H7128 X.25 Interface Co-Processor Adapter, ISA Bus, provides for the attachment of the RS/6000 to synchronous data networks at speeds up to 64 KB/s
  • Provides a single port that will accommodate one of three selectable interfaces: EIA-232D/V.24, V.35, or X.21
  • The interface is "selected" by the cable which is separately orderable in 3m or 6m lengths
  • This 06H7128 adapter together with IBM AIXLINK/X.25 provides a single port connection to X.25
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