IBM 05F1856 Loop Adapter
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IBM 05F1856 Loop Adapter 4712 4722
IBM 05F1856 Loop Adapter 4712 4722
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Product Description

  • New Factory Boxed / 1-Year Warranty
  • The IBM 05F1856 is the Loop Interface card for 4712 and 4722 Printers
  • The 05F1856 is packaged in a cassette that plugs into the printer to allow attachment to the Loop of a 4701 controller or 4702 processor
  • The 05F1856 card contains the logic required to handle the conversion of EBCDIC to ASCII data to allow the printer to operate as a 4700 application compatible printer
  • The 05F1856 is equivalent to feature code 3002 (FC3002) for 4712 and 4722 printers, but does not include the attachment cable
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